What We Do

We design and implement replicable processes for optimal program impact, taking the time to create tools that integrate established business principles.

We can onboard and provide a fresh perspective on your initiative at any point in the program development process.

Our past performance includes work in each of the four key areas listed below:

Planning for Program Improvement

Synthesis has strong experience developing strategic planning efforts for government, foundation, and other non-profit and for-profit entities.

Click here to see examples of our strategic planning experience.

Evaluating Public Programs

Synthesis works closely with clients to develop specific research questions and determine optimal methods for generating the evidence program managers need to make good decisions.

Click here to see examples of our program evaluation experience.

Communicating Health & Safety

Planning for effective health communications campaigns integrates techniques developed through traditional business disciplines like marketing, communications theory, consumer behavior, and behavioral psychology.

Click here to see examples of our health & safety communications experience.

Integrating Technology Solutions

Harnessing evolving technology and investing in data collection and analysis are critical means of generating the information needed to make good decisions.

Click here to see examples of how we’ve integrated technology in our work.

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