Planning for Program Improvement

Synthesis has strong experience developing strategic planning efforts for government, foundation, and other non-profit and for-profit entities. We have successfully developed comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans across a range of business situations. Whether your organization needs a single-day strategy retreat to update or revisit an existing plan or a comprehensive strategic planning initiative, we can accommodate your strategic planning needs.

  • Developed a long-term evaluation plan for the joint Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/American Heart Association’s Voices for Healthy Kids program to combat childhood obesity
  • Conducted strategic planning for the NOAA Office of Law Enforcements Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) Program
  • Conducted a business case analysis of three enterprise-wide procurement strategies to achieve full compliance with quality of care performance standards at competitive prices at four of the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA’s) child development center programs.
  • Provided an H1N1 Vaccine Liaison Officer for Task Force Operations at the CDC Emergency Operations Center
  • Supported the NOAA Office of the CIO’s E- Rulemaking project planning initiative
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning for Older Driver Safety for the DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Facilitated Strategic Visioning for the DHHS Office of the Surgeon General
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